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Ro sound 20's prom

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"Ro sound in the 20's was a wild era. Is there a better way to celebrate a special event than to hold a 20's themed party ?, to celebrate an anniversary party or birthday.
The flapper girl and its gang are the most famous since the 20s. Use party supplies copied after that, such as a fringe dress, suit, roadster, or number 20 itself. Professional party vendors have items that fit the theme, such as wall hangings, custom items, and decorations. If you are serving a meal, you will find plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths in various colors to suit your theme.
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The twenties dance was so big that you can rent a hall or even look like a dance hall in a big room. Hold a ton of dance like then and earn a true winner. Take a dance teacher and teach me 20 famous dances such as Charleston, Simi, Foxtrot, Black Floor and more. They dance all night (they were used to drop out of fatigue) or simply have the best style. A custom trophy helps the winner in favor.
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The game to play with 20 themes in mind contains quizzes. Famous people in the 20's famous companies, name the invention of the events of that era. If you set a time limit, the most correct person wins.
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Please also prepare a menu for your period. It was close to all homemade because there were not many processed foods. Each guest is served authentic cuisine of that era. The ban was early, so try home-made drink recipes. Let's party only for adults first! "

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